NCC Pillars


The NCC pillars: the Rapid Response Center; the Cyber Research, Education, and Training Center (CRETC); and the Cyber Institute will function as three integrated operational components of the organization. Each pillar connects with and informs the others as a synergized three-arm approach tackling today’s cybersecurity challenges.


See below for more information on the NCC pillars, and stay tuned for organizational developments and updates on each pillar in the coming months.

Rapid Response Center

The Rapid Response Center (RRC) is a dedicated facility staffed by leading experts, vendors and partners (public & private) who assist the members of the NCC in the instance of an attack. The RRC will serve as a trusted resource for leading organizations to assist with the response to security breaches and will use real-time solutions to share with other member organizations to prevent similar attacks at other organizations. The RRC is the front door resource for companies to the NCC and all information, cyber attacks, evolving threats and trends will be organized and shared with partners of the NCC. The RRC will be a one-stop-shop for organizations that need immediate assistance to resolve an active attack or breach. 

Cyber Research, Education, and Training Center

With access to the latest data, trends, and threat activity – the Cyber Research, Education, and Training Center (CRETC) will provide a rich platform of current information to drive research and development in cyber security and help build an effective, talented workforce for the future to assist with advancing the industry. With the expansion of the threat landscape, it will be imperative to continue deep exploration of emerging tactics and trends, encryption and security, as well as new frameworks or protocols that will further advance the industry and better protect our critical assets. The NCC will operate the CRETC with full-time staff with a strong collaborative network to work with leading minds and institutions around the United States. The combination of hands-on practitioners operating the RRC in concert with leading researchers and partners, the CRETC looks to bridge the dialogue between the public and private sector opportunities and expose the latest innovations and trends to the Institute, the partners and Nationally.  Through published work and inventions, the CRETC will increase awareness and overall security.  Also inside the CRETC will be significant education and training programs in order to develop a high level and robust cyber workforce. Within its courses and integrated programs, the NCC will serve as a national focal point for the development and delivery of cyber workforce education to enhance the capabilities of state, local, and tribal government officials; volunteer organizations; the federal government; and the private sector to minimize the impact of cyber attacks across the country.  The CRETC will feature real time education while students are working in order to have a hands-on immediate impact in the workforce.

Cyber Institute

Today, many elected and appointed officials, at all levels across federal, state and local government do not have access to resources, training, education and thought leadership in cybersecurity to protect our states, cities and citizens – and secure the nation. The NCC Cyber Institute is a dedicated facility and program for representatives from federal agencies, states, cities and local governments to engage with real-time information on the latest cyber trends, security, best practices and education resources for officials – as well as a place for their teams to best manage our critical assets. There is not a facility or program in the U.S. that is 100 percent focused on the needs of our public officials – to educate, train and prepare them for the cyber security environment they face daily. The NCC Cyber Institute will be this program to amplify cyber security across the United States that is oriented to their responsibility, budgets and constraints to effectively manage risk.