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Governor's Cyber Symposium - November 1-3, 2017

Save the date for the premier event of the year! The 2nd annual Governor's Cyber Symposium, hosted by the National Cybersecurity Center's Cyber Institute, takes place on November 1-3, 2017 in Colorado Springs, Colorado. This one-of-a-kind symposium connects elected officials and decision makers in which they receive the latest information and education on the key cyber issues of today. Attendees are equipped to take action in cybersecurity for their state, city, county, or company. A sample of topics covered in this unique experience are: information sharing, building the cyber workforce, cybersecurity training, policy discussions, budgeting, and much more. Confirmed speakers include Menny Barzilay, renown cybersecurity strategist and evangelist of innovation.

"There is a critical need for unified cyber response at the national level. This is a great start." - 2016 Attendee

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Cybesecurity Oversight Training

The National Cybersecurity Center's Cyber Institute is proud to invite C-level and Board Directors of non-profit, non-government organizations (NGOs), private business, and publicly traded companies that are looking to increase preparation, planning, and response actions to unprecedented attacks on corporate data and networks. An obstacle to effective oversight is often a limited understanding of the basics of cybersecurity and its risks. The National Cybersecurity Center hosts regular Cybersecurity Oversight Training courses to expand basic cybersecurity knowledge, understanding associated actions ranging from budgeting to response planning, and discuss mitigation and reconstitution actions for recovery.

Cybersecurity Oversight Training courses are primarily hosted in Colorado Springs, CO and Denver, CO. Please see below for upcoming courses:

August 10th, 2017 - Colorado Springs, CO


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October 17, 2017 - Denver, CO 

Holland and Hart

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AFA CyberPatriot Camp

Cyber Patriot

Cyber Patriot AFA CyberCamp

10am-2pm July 24-28 2017

Colorado Springs, CO (hosted at LeaderQuest)

Space is limited

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The AFA CyberCamps program was created to continue to inspire students to pursue STEM related activities outside of the school year. 


Hosted at LeaderQuest the students will learn about cybersecurity career opportunities, cyber ethics, online safety, how computers work, and cyber threats. 


They will also explore cybersecurity principles, virtual machines, basic Windows security policies and tools, and account management. 


They will learn Windows file protections, auditing and monitoring, introduction to Server 2008 and introduction to Linux. 


They will hear about Ubuntu terminology and concepts, basic graphical user interface security, basic command line security. 


Open to incoming 9th graders-outgoing High School seniors


The whole camp will culminate in a Mini-CyberPatriot competition!  


Cost of the CyberCamp per student



Lunch each day

Student Workbooks digital and hard copy

AFA CyberCamp T-shirt

CyberPatriot Sunglasses

First Responder Cyber Exercise-August 31st, 2017

Held four times a year these Cyber Exercises are held in cooperation with industry (local government, healthcare, critical infrastructure etc.) and cyber subject matter experts to provide the framework to strengthen cyber preparedness in the public and private sectors. We will examine organizations’ capability to prepare for, protect from, and respond to cyber attacks’ potential effects;  Exercise strategic decision making and interagency coordination of incident response(s) in accordance with national level policy and procedures; Validate information sharing relationships and communications paths for collecting and disseminating cyber incident situational awareness, response and recovery information; and Examine means and processes through which to share sensitive information across boundaries and sectors without compromising proprietary or national security interests. 

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Cyber threats are real and they are here to stay.  First responder’s and public safety industry can be incredibly vulnerable.  We are at a critical point in time for first responders to become cyber threat aware and cybersecurity educated.  We all depend on technology for our critical infrastructure, what if that technology and system is attacked and goes down?  Major cybersecurity threats are everywhere, join NCC, AT&T, and The CEPP as we build a first responder cybersecurity community and learn how to protect your agency against cybercrime through critical infrastructure and risk management.


Cyber Healthcare Exercise | September 27th, 2017

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